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    a subsidiary of RAWW Music LLC, a Detroit-based musical enterprise 


The Chillin’ Circuit consists of a trio of Detroit musicians and guest artists who offer a repertoire of diverse and exciting sound.  Since its inception in 2015, the Chillin’ Circuit has gained a following for delivering some of the best music on the Detroit jazz scene.    

The versatile music of the Chillin’ Circuit appeals to a broad range of ages and backgrounds.  Genres include Jazz Standards, Fusion, R & B, Motown, originals, and pop, as well as TV & movie music. 

The talented and versatile musicians of the Chillin’ Circuit include the following local musicians:  

Richard Willis, founder and leader, piano/electronic keyboards 
James Blessman, MD, electronic bass 
Greg Walker, saxophone 
Mike Saxon, electronic violin 
Richard White, saxophone 
Ernest Johnson, electronic bass 
Wilona Green, flute and vocals 

Vocalists and guests have included Athena Johnson,  Rashida Johnson, Arnell Carmichael, Crystal Hart, Ron Carlysle, Lady Vonne, Angie Starr and others. 

To Book an engagement, please contact: 

Richard A. Willis (313) 717-8754,, or// 

Dr. Blandina M. Rose-Willis, (313) 550-4130, 

Secure a date and contract for musical services and products by contacting Rich or Blandina, then visiting the online store page in this website.  Provide 1/2 the cost of the engagement, including agreement of time, date, and musical services and products to be provided.  RAWW Music LLC will send you an invoice indicating the agreed-upon event, confirmation of the up-front payment and the agreement that the final payment will be provided on or before the date of the engagement.  All agreements are open for negotiation. 

Price Schedule: 

RAWW Music LLC accepts major credit cards, cash and checks. 

Prices begin as follows, and are negotiable: 

Gigs: Minimum 2 hours @ $600— Load in, set-up, sound check, performance, break down.  (Example: Basic Band with Vocalist for two hours = $600)  

Sessions: (music lessons, tracks and studio sessions) = $50/ hr.

Sound Equipment: Based on travel, venue size, equipment needed, length of event, consultations, and other considerations.

CDs: (available for sale at any event, with approval from the host)   

        “Planet Heaven” — $10 

        “Jeanie’s Groove Joint” — $15 

        “Jeanie’s House Groove” — $5 


You may watch a Promotional Video at 

Promo Images, videos and sample music may also be found at: and on YouTube on the Rich Willis & the Chillin’ Circuit channel  **Please subscribe and leave a comment.

Highlights: The Chillin’ Circuit has regularly performed at:  

2015               Weekly at Roberts Riverwalk Hotel, Detroit 

2016-18         Saturday Jazz Brunches at Skyline Club, Southfield 

2019-May       Weekly at Cobb’s Corner Bar/Restaurant, Detroit 


Gibson Griggs Odyssey Foundation, The Wright Museum ( 2016, 2018) 

African American 490 Challenge (2 fundraising events, 2016) 


Native DetroiterMagazine White Party, September 2018 

Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, September 2012 and May 2018 

Howard University School of Communications Naming Ceremony, Nov 2017  

Cornerstone Bistro, Selected dates, 2016, 2017, 2018 

Band Bios: 

Band founder and leader, Richard Arthur Willis, on piano and electronic keyboards, is the artistic partner of RAWW Music LLC.  He is a full time music businessman involved in performing with the guys, providing sound systems, creating music for theatrical productions, accompanying vocalists, producing, arranging and developing recordings and charts for clients.  He is minister of music at St. John CME Church in Detroit.  He was the first to work with the young Aaliyah, preparing her and arranging the music for her “STAR SEARCH” debut, and later for her initial meeting with R. Kelly.  During those early years Rich and Aaliyah performed together on local gigs, where he helped her hone her vocal skills.  He has accompanied Kimmie Horne, Norma Jean Bell, and flautist Althea Rene.  Rich performed as Ricky Willis for years before he formed the band. Now he prefers the nickname “Uncle Ricky.”  He currently has two CD’s  and one house music remix CD available for sale.  Rich’s fluid motions and quick laid back fingering are his trademark.  He is a prolific composer and has a wealth of music still to be released.  When he plays that piano Uncle Ricky really does have ridiculous fingers. 

Bassist James Blessman, MD is a native Detroiter. He hails from a musical family and, like Rich, plays at his home church, Dounemous, in Detroit.  In addition to playing bass, his regular job is as physician and Assistant Medical Director for the Michigan Department of Corrections. He is also a public health educator and advocate, on a mission to improve the health of the residents of this area. He takes his message to all audiences. Once while playing, his sound system began to smoke, as if on fire.  Somehow he completed the set.  His fellows teased him about causing the bass to sizzle.  That nickname “Sizzle” stuck with him.  Dr. Blessman is pretty lively whenever the Chillin’ Circuit gets together to make music, everyone also gets a health lesson, AND he really makes that bass sizzle. 

Greg Walker on saxophone , called Big Nephew by the band members, is the youngest and newest member of the group.  A newlywed, he teaches school when he is not playing music.  His sax sounds are a perfect addition to the piano and bass, and together they have a powerful sound. 

Mike Saxon, violinist extraordinaire, brings a fabulous sound to the group.  He is a veteran of great music in this area. Originally from Pittsburg, also from a musical family, he is fierce on the violin, and brings the sound to a new level. 

Richard White, saxophonist was an original member of the group.  He brings hot sax excitement to the group.  Rich has been busy in the Detroit music scene and has earned his chops over many years.   

Media Coverage to date: 

Rich Willis, Detroit Man Celebrates His Birthday by Entertaining the Neighborhood, May 14 2020 (Aired May 16th on WXYZ Detroit News)

Interview with Armond Jackson on Radio 109.9 FM,  May 2014 

FOX 2 News covering the 490 Challenge Fundraiser, July 2016 

Pulse Beatwith Greg Dunmore, July 2016

2 Interviews on Radio One 107.5 KISS, July 2016 

Radio airing of “Airbody,”an original track on Jeanie’s, July 2016  

Groove Jointby John Mason on Radio One 107.5 KISS, July 2016 

                            *The best of Detroit’s jazz scene*